Hey, mate!
~ Grade's catch phrase

Ram Karavadra (Born:October 6, 1988),mainly known as GradeAUnderA is a Birtish commentator on YouTube.


Grade's content is generally just him providing his opinion on various subjects and acting it out using badly drawn stick figures. He is well known for roasting YouTubers such as Vegan Gains and Jinx. He has also exposed Matthew Santoro as a plagiarist and his ex girlfriend Nicole Arbour as a liar... twice!

He and Leafy are good friends, and Grade getting shit-talked by Keemstar was part of what led him to make his video exposing Keemstar.

In one of his videos about Keemstar, Grade once referenced Joey Salads as a source which sparked minor controversy.


Grade has collaborated with Leafy multiple times in the past. He appeared in Leafy's "Keemstar Exposed" video to talk about how Keemstar shit-talked them behind their backs.

Grade later made two "Keemstar Exposed" videos of his own where he instructs his fans to unsub from DramaAlert and to subscribe to its competition instead in order to piss Keemstar off.

Later, in another video, when Grade called out YouTuber DSPGaming for jerking off on stream, Leafy showed up and tried to take the topic, but got chased off by Grade.


  • Before he joined YouTube, he was a math teacher.
  • Grade's original channel was going to be about math.
  • Grade A represents how he got good grades, while Under A represents how he is an underachiever.

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