Google+ or Google Plus is social network owned by Google. It is essentially Facebook, but crappier. After obtaining March 29, 2014

YouTube, Google attempted to implement Google+ into YouTube and force people to get a Google+ account in order to create a YouTube account. Leafy made an early video talking about why Google+ was shit.

History Edit

Google used to have a video player of its own, albeit a really crappy one. No one used it, so Google decided to just buy a better one... aka YouTube.

Later, Google created Google+ as a website to compete with Facebook. The only problem was nobody used it... So what did Google do? They forced people to sign up for a Google+ account if they wanted to make a YouTube account.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though it came with a rocky start, Google+'s community feature still draws in users.
  • Google+ continues to have a consistent search rate.

Videos Edit

Why google+ is fucking shit03:34

Why google+ is fucking shit

Leafy's video on Google+, which is also his first video

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