Fucking Degenerate...
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Gabbi Colette is an art student who preformed Interior Semiotics at FOREVER(21) in Chicago.

History Edit

In Leafy's video THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VIDEO EVER ON YOUTUBE, Leafy reacts to the video Interior Semiotics. The video starts with Gabbi trying to open a can of Spaghetti-O's for almost three minutes before putting them into a pot before saying gibberish and spreading dark liquid from the pot onto her chest. Her breathing elevates as she starts to cut open a hole in her pants leading to her crotch as another dark liquid starts to come out. She sticks her hand up into her crotch and begins to rub it causing more dark liquid to come out. She then takes off her shirt and cleans the table with it revealing a small band bra before she walks off the stage and the crowd starts to cheer.

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