Who? Who?
~ fouseyTUBE pretending to be an owl
Yousef Saleh Erakat, aka fouseyTUBE, aka the "Tupac of YouTube" , is popular American prankster on YouTube and the disowned son of Keemstar. Recently, he was involved in a controversy where he faked being assaulted by fellow YouTuber RiceGum for attention to prove how bad drama on YouTube is. He has since started the hashtag "#MakeYouTubePositiveAgain," as a way to bring "positivity" back to YouTube.


Early Life

Erakat was born on January 22, 1990 in Fremont, California to Palestinian parents. He moved to San Jose where he attended San Jose State University. After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles.

"Social Experiment" on Drama

In an attempt to prove how easy it is to manipulate YouTube news channels, Fousey faked a controversy with YouTuber RiceGum where the two got into beef on Twitter, eventually culminating in RiceGum hitting Fousey.

However, the three main YouTube news channels (Scarce, DramaAlert and Philip DeFranco) were not fooled and deduced that the fight was fake. The next day, Fousey uploaded a video to channel titled "Why RiceGum Punched Me... Exposed" where he admits to faking the controversy in order to show how drama is "bad" and how drama is a huge problem on YouTube. All of the attacked YouTubers responded to Fousey's attack on them and defended themselves in their next videos.

Fousey later came up to Leafy and proposed that they make money by having a fake fight on Twitter. He then suggested that he fake rape Leafy for views and money on YouTube. Despite Leafy saying no, Fousey raped Leafy anyway and got $1,000,000,000 in YouTube money.

Leafy Vs. Fousey

Leafy then uploaded a video calling out Fousey for his hypocrisy. The video ended up getting Leafy tons of props and support from other YouTubers including KSI, Prank Vs Prank, Scarce and Philip DeFranco. It also caused fouseyTUBE's fans to go dislike all of Leafy's videos, resulting in a huge war to erupting between them and the Reptilian Brotherhood.

Fousey Strikes Back

He later filed copyright strikes against Scarce and many other smaller YouTube channels that used clips of him, even though it was under fair use. He also made a tweet comparing himself to Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, Malcolm X and Tupac. The tweet caused Fousey to receive even more backlash. In response to this, fouseyTube uploaded a video titled "I Compared Myself to Martin Luther King Jr?" on which he disabled comments and ratings.

In the video, he tries to play victim and states that everyone misinterpreted his tweet and used it to hate on him. Leafy couldn't deduce whether or not he was lying or he really was that egotistical.

FouseyTUBE later uploaded another video, titled "My Last Fight... Cancer" where he visits one of his fans who is suffering from cancer as a way of damage control. This caused Leafy, to make another video on him summing up the events that happened after the controversy and calling him out. The comments section was again flooded with fouseyTUBE's army of 9-year-olds who were just there to dislike the video without watching it.

Fousey Vs. 10 Year Old

FouseyTUBE's ego is so fragile, that he kicked a 10 year old Leafy fan out of the event because of what he said.
~ Keemstar sums up the situation.

FouseyTUBE later came into conflict with the Reptilian Brotherhood again when a 10 year old attended a tour Fousey was having with Roman Atwood. When the kid mentioned Leafy's name, Fousey started berating him and talking about Leafy had attacked him and spread negativity and shit. Later, when another fan came up to ask Fousey questions and said "LeafyIsHere", Fousey had him thrown out, simply because he said Leafy's name.


Fousey after Leafy made his video

Leafy later made a video calling Fousey out for this, as well as other things he's done in his past. In response to the video, Fousey sent out a tweet threatening to come to Leafy's house.


Fuck fouseyTUBE! FouseyTUBE is fakest piece of shit in this whole goddamn industry. He has called drama channels out for "ruining careers." FouseyTUBE has ruined a whole fucking genre. I've been on YouTube since 2009. I remember when pranks were real. FouseyTUBE was the main person who started faking pranks and this caused all of the other prank channels to fake pranks. The whole genre was ruined by fouseyTUBE. And he didn't just fake pranks, he faked social experiments. And the reason why this is so horrible and so wrong to do, is because he made society look worse than it actually is. He uploaded a video which he deleted a couple years ago, titled "Change the way you think." And at this time, Treyvon Martin was just murdered. There was a lot of hostility. There was racist tension all over. This is around 2014, I believe. And he uploaded this video. And in this social experiment, he made white people seem extremely racist towards this black person. However, this whole video was fake. All the people in it were actors and it was exposed that they were actors. He literally created a racist scenario tried to convince his audience that this was the real world, to take advantage of racist tension that was going on between the deaths of Treyvon Martin and Mike Brown at the time. And he even towards the end of this video says "In loving memory" to Treyvon Martin and Mike Brown. He literally took advantage of the drama that was going on in the real world and created a racist situation for views, for YouTube money. That video had close to 20 million views. And if you don't know how much money that's worth, that is worth a lot. He's created other social experiments where he hires actors to be mean to homeless people to show society as this horrible, horrible thing, when it's not. It's fake. These are actors. And he had the nerve to call out drama channels for profiting off of drama when he created fake drama. He made the world outside look worse than it actually is for YouTube money and he is trying to have a message now to stay positive. How is that positive? He purposely created negative, horrible, racist situations to make money on YouTube. He is the biggest fraud in this industry. I've been in this YouTube game for a very long time what I've learned is this: The nice guys that we see on YouTube are usually the sneaky, manipulative bad guys. And the "bad guys," not always, but a good portion of the time turn out to be the good guys because they're outspoken. So if I could borrow the title of one of fouseyTUBE's fake social experiments, "change the way you think."
~ Keemstar calling out fouseyTUBE
FouseyTUBE, you're a piece of shit and just because you have 9,000,000 subs doesn't mean anything. You don't scare me at all. Case fucking closed.
~ Leafy on fouseyTUBE





  • He's such a piece of shit that even Sam Pepper and Keemstar have called him out.
  • He's friends with Alex Wassabi from Wassabi Productions.
  • He has three older siblings named Mohammad, Ahmad, and Noura.