~ Femmy's catch phrase and go-to word for literally anything

FemmyIsHere is Leafy's Feminist counterpart and a recurring character on his channel. Ever since her first appearance she has devoted her entire life to following Leafy around and calling him out for being a white straight cisgender male an evil sexist misogynist cyberbully.


She first appeared when she announced that she was joining the otherkin race changing her gender to a fruit rollup. Leafy then came over and asked her if she wanted to go to the movies with him. Femmy then got TRIGGERED and called Leafy out on his completely non-existent obvious and blatant sexism.

Femmy reappeared in Leafy's video "I've Lost All Hope (FACECAM)" when her dad, ColossalIsCrazy called to let her know about all the fanart shipping her with Leafy on the Internet, which he thought was "Fucking DISGUSTING". Femmy would go on to appear in several of Leafy's videos.


Femmy's original appearance


  • Being triggered causes her to spontaneously combust at times.
  • Within mere hours of her debut, tons of fan art was produced involving her and Leafy.
  • She didn't wear a bra in Leafy's older videos but is now seen with one like it's her signature article of clothing.
  • Her gender is a fruit roll-up, hence making her an otherkin (Or a Fruit-roll-upkin if you will).


Leafy X Femmy OTP! Best ship!