The Federation of Asshole Gamers, abbreviated as "F@G", was a YouTube trolling group known for trolling people in Halo. Keemstar used to be a member of the group until their channel was deleted and Keemstar left to create DramaAlert.

History Edit

While playing Halo 3 drunk, Daniel Keem was recorded trash-talking trash about the game by a member of F@G. Unbeknownst to Keemstar, the recording was uploaded to YouTube.

Keemstar was later alerted by messages that the recording was on YouTube. The uploaders of the video would later contact DJ Keemstar and invite him to join F@G, an offer which Keem accepted, joining the group in 2009. Keemstar would eventually become one of the four leaders of F@G alongside Deranker, 2 Bucks and Robot.


Their YouTube channel logo

The Federaton eventually reaced the impressively large subscriber count of 15,000. 90% percent of their fans were 10-12 year olds who thought their videos were the funniest shit in the world while the other 10% were trolls who kept trying to hack their accounts.

F@G's trolling was eventually noticed by the Xbox live moderators. On August 24, 2014, DJ Keemstar did a stream on BlogTV where he announced the end of F@G, causing much butthurtness among his fantards. F@G would later fade into obscurity, with barely anyone remembering them.

The four leaders of F@G continued making trolling videos after the groups' demise. Except for Keemstar, who went on to create DramaAlert.


Keemstar Nation Edit

Keemstar Nation was a subgroup of F@G comprised 11 year old fantards loyal to DJ Keemstar. They can be seen as the predecessors of DramaAlert Nation.

Keemstar would use his cult as his own personal army, sometimes having them aid him in his trolls.

Despite the DJ outright stating he only did trolling for money, Keemstar Nation remained loyal to their deity, swarming and attacking anyone who dared to criticize him.

Gallery Edit

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