It's like zombies, right? One zombie walking around, it's no big deal. What's he going to do to you? He's walking, okay, he can't do shit to you. One radical feminist making up some bullshit? Whatever dude, it's not a big deal, right? But even though one zombie isn't shit, if you take five zombies, put them in a room, put yourself in that room, lock the doors, this is you after five minutes.
~ Leafy describing Feminism

Extremism Feminism also known as Feminazism and the Social Justice Warriors, is a political movement dedicated to eradicating anyone in our society who has committed the heinous crime of having a penis. They were once dedicated to giving women equal rights, but now they're about taking those rights away from men. They've recently been criticized on both Leafy and Pyro's channels. They are mostly found in sites such as Tumblr and Livejournal.

Shit that Extremists have done

  • In February of 2015, when an animated series based on Legend of Zelda was announced on Netflix, Feminists got their titties in a twist because they made the main character, Link (who is a boy), a boy instead of a girl. So essentially they got mad at the creators for making the main character of Legend of Zelda the main character.
  • In March of 2016 Microsoft made an Xbox commercial featuring grown women wearing schoolgirl outfits and dancing sexually. The feminists got pissed off again and, predictably, Microsoft deleted that video and apologized.
    • In the same month, they bitched about Tracer's butt pose from Blizzard's Overwatch. Blizzard apologized a month later and then started trying to get Overwatch porn taken off the Internet. It went as well as you'd expect from a game mainly played by 12 year olds with DeviantArt accounts and a tendency to nut 47 times a day.
  • After the new all female Ghostbusters trailer was released in May 2016 and received immense backlash, the extremists labelled all of the movie's critics "misogynists."
  • In June of 2016, they became offended again this time because of an X-Men: Apocalypse billboard where the villain, Apocalypse, chokes Mystique, one of the main female characters in the movie. Feminists quickly started claiming that it promoted violence against women, eventually leading Fox to take the ad down. It's safe to say they probably wouldn't be causing the same ruckus if Mystique was a man.
What the Extremists believe What people believe
There are more than two genders apparently. There are biologically only two genders, but intersex is a rare medical phenomena that still counts as gender.
Female rapists don't exist. They do exist, but only as a minority.
Being fat is beautiful. Not everyone wants to believe it.
If a woman/girl hits a man/boy, she's considered a hero. But if it's the opposite, then he'll get sent to jail. It's a double standard and belief that has existed decades ago.
Steven Universe is only for the female, transgender, lesbian and non-binary communities. People can enjoy SU at any age, regardless of sexuality or gender.
Gender is a social construct. Who wants to believe that?