Veronica Bouchard, also known as Evalion, was a controversial YouTuber from Canada and an open Nazi supporter. She has made videos of her singing Happy Birthday to Hitler and videos talking about how Hitler was a great guy. She is also a follower of the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan on Twitter who also follows her back. She is well known for being racist.

History Edit

Leafy's ReactionEdit

LeafyIsHere first made a video about her in response to a video she made a teaching people how to spot Jews. This triggered an onslaught of death threats from the KKK calling him a "traitor to the white race." Leafy later made another video in response to her video claiming Hitler wasn't evil.

Conflict with OnisionEdit

After Leafy uncovered Evalion, infamous YouTuber Onision uploaded a video to his 56th or whatever channel, UhOhBro, saying that Evalion "needed to be stopped." In his video he outright tells his fans how to flag Evalion's channel. He also states that racial segregation is wrong because David Duke (the KKK Grand Wizard) supports it.

Her channel ended up getting deleted, mostly in part to Onision and his band of mindless followers (nice to see the cuck and his fans actually did something worthwhile for a change). Leafy later made another video saying that, while he thinks that Evalion should be called out and criticized, he didn't 100% think that YouTube should have banned her.

Return to YouTube Edit

Evalion has returned to youtube and is hiding among countless reupload channels. She is again uploading very controversial videos which are most likely demonitized by now.

Arrest and current activityEdit

In November 2016, Evalion was returning home to Canada from Germany with her fiancé when she was arrested and had her property seized by Canadian immigration authorities. Her fiancé served prison time and was later deported from Canada thus ending their marriage plans. Afterwards, she became depressed and turned into an alcoholic. She hasn't made a serious video since then. However she still remains slightly active on Twitter.

Veronica has stated on her Twitter that she has no plans to return to making Evalion videos.

Trivia Edit

  • She believes that Teletubbies caused 9/11.
  • She hates Jews, but denies the Holocaust....
  • She is known to have an alcoholic and abusive mom.
  • She has an RH negative blood type.
  • She hates Leafy with a passion.
  • She had a boob job in 7/5/17
  • She is of German, Irish, Native American, and Polish descent.

Gallery Edit

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