Elvis The Alien is a YouTuber who uploads videos talking about popular subjects, usually in a comedic manner.


Elvis made a joke video about Leafyisn'there before Photosynthisis fans attacked the video and tried to strike it down. Leafy supported the video and voiced his unhappiness about the attack by collaborating with Elvis in a video which Treetrunk fans continued to attack without watching. This brought Elvis' account down before being put back up by YouTube. This was featured on news channels like Scarce. In the video THE YOUTUBE RANT, Branchy talked about Elvis and showed one of his videos when talking about YouTube screwing over small channels. He has also collaborated with Pyro.

On 7 October 2016, he uploaded a video titled "I do not like LeafyIsHere". In the video,he complains about how Leafy didn't credit the people who helped him, after 24 hours, the video got deleted by Elvis. On June 2017, Elvis reuploaded the video.


  • He is married.
  • He has been featured on Scarce multiple times.