~ Elliot Hulse
Elliot Hulse is a bodybuilder who is a literal walking steroid. In his videos he likes to act like a drill and jump around like a gorilla. He is known for his insane AMAZING motivational speeches and rants. He is the father of a demon child.

History Edit

Leafy encountered Elliot and made a video on one of his many speechs/rants. He commented on how retarded and insane he is, and how he looks like a fucking human sized chicken nugget.

Trivia Edit

  • Elliot was born in Africa to a gorilla.
  • He has explained in a few of his videos that he hates women, proving that he's a misogynist/sexist.
  • Despite his eleged hatred of women, he has a wife with four kids. Care to explain that one, Elliot?

Gallery Edit



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