Ecy is a YouTuber with close to 100,000 subscribers. He was involved in a controversy with LeafyIsHere.

History Edit

Ecy's controversy with Leafy started when he uploaded a video where he claimed that Leafy was using bots to increase his subscriber count, and cites a profile of Leafy on a subbotting website as 100% proof. It was quickly pointed out to him, however, how easy it is to use "Inspect Element" to change the code on a page. Ecy later received several screenshots of people using "Inspect Element" to put his profile on the website. In response to this, Ecy took down his video and uploaded an apology video for Leafy.

Scarce and DramaAlert both uploaded videos addressing the claims. In response to Ecy taking down the video, Keemstar made a tweet accusing Ecy of being bribed by Leafy. Keem later got into a Twitter flame war with several people in regards to the allegations. He also got into an argument with Scarce on one of his livestreams over whether or not the claims against Leafy were true.

Leafy later responded to Ecy's video "exposing" him in his fourth rant on Keemstar.

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