Keemstar DramaAlert Nation

DramaAlert Nation is Keemstar's army of mindless followers, ready to harass, spam, doxx and cyberbully anyone who dares to criticize the great and mighty Gnome King.

They warred with the Reptilian Brotherhood after the holy trinity Leafy, Grade, and Pyro made videos desperately trying to suck in some of that nice Youtube drama revenue.

History Edit

Prior to the great war between LeafyIsHere and the prophet himself, Keemstar, many Reptilians were also subscribers of DramaAlert. However, when Leafy made a video exposing Keemstar as a liar and a hypocrite, the Reptilian Brotherhood declared war on DramaAlert Nation, with many Leafy fans unsubscribing from "DramaAlert". The remaining DramaAlert fans went over to Leafy's channel to dislike all his videos and post "kys" in the comments. This right here is a good example of the mental ability within the cancer ward known as YouTube.

Currently, Leafy is winning, and has already managed to lower Keemstar's subscriber count significantly.

When TyBlue took over as temporary host of DramaAlert, the 10 year old fanboys of DramaAlert started spamming #BringBackKeem in the comments. This led to a huge flame war between DramaAlert Nation and the Reptilian Brotherhood, who favored Ty as a host.

Keemstar later returned and put out a 51 minute video responding to the allegations against him, where he basically says things like "that was taken out of context" or "that's a lie" to all the allegations made against him. This video unfortunately had the affect of convincing some, more foolish reptilians, to join DramaAlert Nation. Luckily, Leafy made a response to it where he repeats the same shit over and over again before lying through his teeth to his army of autistic followers and dickriders, mostly bringing back the misled reptilians from the popcorny abyss.

Ex-friends/affiliates of DramaAlert Nation Edit

Updates! Edit

After being at each other's throats for many months, Keemstar and Leafy battled it out on the Baited! podcast on October 14th, 2016. After a long tiring hour, it ended with Colossal asking the gripping question: was there was a possibility of the two burying the hacket? The ending was edited out, as per request of Leafy.

Almost 2 months later, in December, Keemstar uploaded a DramaAlert video in which he reveals that Leafy and him had an offline conversation and had "kinda made peace". He concluded the segment by calling Leafy an "emo superstar". After a vicious and tiring six whole months of hating each other, it seems that the rat and the snake have finally made up.

Gallery Edit


  • They act less like individuals and more like a hive mind, ready to swarm and mass-dislike any video their master directs them to, sorta like Leafy's fanbase.
  • They managed to give one of Pyro's videos 5k dislikes in just under 20 minutes.
  • It's rare to find a member of DramaAlert Nation who isn't 10 or under.
  • Even Keemstar himself has stated that his fanbase is cancer.

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