Dragon Ball Z is a popular Anime known for having fight scenes that last at least 10 episodes.

Unbeknownst to most people, the series is actually a complex metaphor for Leafy's life, as seen below.


In his rant on Anime, Leafy stated that Dragon Ball Z as one of his favorite shows growing up.


Leafy - Goku

Our hero who is loved by all.

Pyrocynical - Gohan

Protege of our hero.

NFKRZ - Piccolo

Friend of the hero who is reminiscent of a slug.

Scarce - Trunks

Young, but optimistic person who simply wants whats right.

Stomedy - Vegeta

Rival of our hero who start off antagonistic towards him, but is later reduced to making insults towards him.

Keemstar - Frieza

Racist dickhead who is loved by all for his complete assholishness.

FouseyTUBE - Cell

Powerful YouTuber/lifeform with a massive ego who talks big, yet whines when he gets attacked.

Vegan Gains - Majin Buu

Psychopathic manchild who wants to eat people.

Jacob Sartorius - Kid Trunks

Annoying kid character who everyone hates.

Onision - Chi-Chi

Obsessive lady who is the wife of Leafy/Goku.

PewDiePie - Supreme Kai


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