Why don't I fucking take knife and start fucking cutting out your liver and start eating that shit?! Would you like that? No you wouldn't fucking like that; and you wouldn't like it if you got a terminal illness and everybody started, fucking you know, attacking you for that shit!
~ Double4anime demonstrating that he is a sane and rational person
Oh really? Oh really? Every single anime? Dude, those are fucking mangas. The fact that you don't actually know that shit shows you did no research for this video at all.
~ Double4anime roasting Pyro
I learned one thing from Naruto. It's to have courage and to never give up.
~ Double4anime praising his Lord and savior

Double4anime, real name Richard Wallace, is a weeaboo YouTuber who worships Naruto and wants to kill Filthy Frank.

History Edit

Pyrocynical initially responded to his video attacking Filthy Frank for making fun of weeaboos. Pyro mocked Double4anime for trying to seem cool on the Internet and for the fact that he looked like he was on the verge of massacring everyone at his local Wal-Mart.

Double4 later responded to Pyro's video by holding a fake sniper rifle and pretending to quickscope Pyro. He also called out Pyro for not knowing the difference between anime and manga, thus disvaluing anything Pyro had to say.

Gallery Edit

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