I'm a sexy bitch boy!
~ Dominic Schmidt

Dominic Schmidt aka D.S Productions or Dom the Bomb is a YouTuber, monkey, and self-proclaimed director. In his videos he runs around, yells, shows his body and calls himself sexy. He has been uploading videos for over four years.


On 9/7/16 LeafyIsHere uploaded his video "NUTCASE TRIES TO BECOME HARAMBE THE GORILLA THEN DRINKS OUT OF TOILET". In the video, he shows the audience Dominic drinking out of the toilet and showering like a monkey, or as Leafy says, Harambe. On his Twitter, he seems to be happy that Leafy made the video about him, saying that he loves him.


  • He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, the home of Harambe.
  • He was in one of Leafy's videos singing about Leafy being his best friend.
  • As of 9/7/16, he only follows LeafyIsHere.
  • His channel is most likely satire, hopefully.