Leafy is a nigger-loving jew!
~ Dish Towel Guy exposes Leafy

The Dish Towel KKK Guy is a pseudo-member of the Ku Klux Klan who wears dish towel on his head with badly cut out eye holes. Despite at first appearing to be a member of the KKK, it now seems more likely that he's just someone on the Internet seeking attention. Since his brain runs on Internet Explorer, it takes him a minute to say a single sentence.

History Edit


Dish Towel Guy's ugly face

He was featured on Leafy's channel when he made a video calling Leafy a "nigger-loving jew" and saying that he needs to die. After Leafy made a response to his video, Dish Towel Guy made a video "exposing" Leafy. He claimed that Leafy made an offer to him to make a racist video. His proof was a badly photoshopped completely real DM conversation. In response to being exposed, Leafy went and exposed everybody, including himself.

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