I got a bone to pick with a certain nigger-loving spic who loves to shove pine cones up his ass! Yeah, I'm talking to you, LeafyIsHere, or as I like to call him, Leafy is a nigger-loving Jew! That's what he should, like, seriously change his name to because that's all I see when I watch his videos.
~ Dish Towel Guy attempts to roast Leafy

The Dish Towel KKK Guy is a pseudo-member of the Ku Klux Klan from Jackson, Mississippi, who wears dish towel on his head with badly cut out eye holes. Despite at first appearing to be a member of the KKK, it now seems more likely that he's just someone on the Internet seeking attention. Since his brain runs on Internet Explorer, it takes him a minute to say a single sentence. He hung himself on May 21st 2016.



Dish Towel Guy's ugly face

He was featured on Leafy's channel when he made a video calling Leafy a "nigger-loving jew" and saying that he needs to die. He also claimed that Leafy tends to engage in sexual activity with pine cones, however there exist little evidence to support this claim. After Leafy made a response to his video, Dish Towel Guy made a video "exposing" Leafy. He claimed that Leafy made an offer to him to make a racist video. His proof was a badly photoshopped completely real DM conversation. In response to being exposed, Leafy went and exposed everybody, including himself. A youtuber believed to be using the second channel of the Dish Towel KKK guy called, "LeafyIsANigger" uploaded a video stating he was the brother of the Dish Towel guy and that the Dish Towel guy commited suicide by hanging due to constant abuse by Leafy. However, rumors have spread that this was a false video uploaded by a 12 year old boy with no homework that night, leaving the Dish Towel Guy's status unknown but presumably deseased.