Dillon Prescott Henderson, aka Dillon The Hacker, aka Dillon The Lifelong Virgin, aka The Dillion Dollar Man, is a YouTuber known for attacking other channels on YouTube such as PewDiePie and Pyrocynical. On June 2016, he has made a video denouncing Leafy for being a cyberbully.


Dillon started his YouTube channel on  Feb 27, 2014, He was a famous ranter, He ranted on alot of big YouTubers including PewDiePie,LeafyIsHere,Markiplier,Smosh,Boogie2998... After two years,Dillon stopped ranting, and started making comedy videos.

In Leafy's video about PigSquad, Leafy makes up a story about how Dillon The Hacker and himself fought off PigSquad and commit suicide together.