Swag Overload
DJ Furry Calin is a furry/DJ in the Leafy video "THE WORST MUSIC VIDEO ON YOUTUBE".

History Edit

One day, Leafy and Pewdiepie were talking about the state of Youtube. Pewdiepie started a rant about the quality content left on Youtube. Pewdiepie told Leafy to not tell anyone about him ranting, but Leafy did it anyway.

Later that day, Pewdiepie died from a overdose from meth. After Pewdiepie died, Leafy got an idea to find the last quality content on Youtube. After hours of research, Leafy thinks that he found the last quality video on Youtube. The video that leafy found was "All the Single Furries" with DJ Furry Calin appears in the video.

Trivia Edit

  • He doesn't wipe his @$$
  • In one of the lyrics of the song it said "You should put a leash on it, suggesting he whats to kill himself by being hanged by a leash.

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