Cyberbullies are evil creatures worse than ISIS. They roam the Internet bullying people and causing them to drink Bleach.

LeafyIsHere commands one of the largest factions of cyberbullies on the Internet, which he uses to bully rich innocent children.

History Edit

Leafy has reacted to several anti-cyberbullying videos on his channel. They all seem to follow the same basic plot:

  1. Oh no! Someone who conveniently isn't fat or ugly is getting bullied on the Internet!
  2. The victim becomes depressed and tries to commit suicide because someone said mean things on the Internet.
  3. A bunch of people come in and stand up for the victim and fight back against the evil cyberbullies by clicking "Report Abuse".
  4. Clicking "Report Abuse" alerts the FBI, who go and arrest the evil cyberbullies and send them to live in a rebuilt Alcatraz.

YouTube's Response to CyberbullyingEdit

In response to Leafy's cyberbully army, YouTube updated their Terms of Service to fight harassment by screwing smaller channels over.

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