ColossalIsCrazy is a British clown YouTuber known for making trolling videos. He is also friends with Leafyishere and has been featured in a few of his videos. He is also apparently the sex partner of FemmyIsHere.


When Leafy stated that he was going to be making a video exposing fouseyTUBE, he was among the people warning Leafy about Fousey's massive fanbase.

He later called FemmyIsHere after he saw all the Leafy x Femmy fanart on the Internet.

He also talked with Leafy in a Skype call about a drug deal, with the payment being Minecraft Diamonds.

Clown is a loyal friend (Which is one of the things we love about him other than how much effort and research he puts into his videos) and is often there for Leafy even though he doesn't like it when Leafy makes videos on cringy children.

On a recent YouTube livestream, Clown, LeafyIsHere, and Billy The Fridge talked about making a game like street fighter that has YouTubers as fighters.


  • His profile picture is the Evil Clown from the 1987 animated Disney film, The Brave Little Toaster.
  • He is friends with Keemstar and TommyCSFTP and used to host a podcast with the two of them, called Baited!
  • While he is friends with Leafy, he has stated that he doesn't like Leafy making fun of children and has even caused leafy to delete some of the past videos including children.
  • When Leafy stated he was working on starting his own podcast with two of his British friends, people have been speculating that the two friends are a variation of Pyrocynical, gradeAunderA and colossal.