CJ SO COOL, or Cordero Brady and also known as CJisSoCool, is Jinx's brother and a YouTube reactor. In addition to doing reactions, he also does shitty ass vlogs and pranks. Essentially, he's every bad channel mixed into one.


He was covered on Pyrocynical where Pyro criticized a prank video of him mixing laxatives into ice cream and giving it to his girlfriend's kids. The next several minutes of the video are the kids crying and saying their stomaches hurt, while royalty-free music plays in the background. The rest of the video is him filming the kids going around the house trying to find a bathroom. He even films the kids while they're on the toilet relieving themselves.

CJ's video was later taken down, so for once YouTube's policies actually worked the way they should. He's currently being watched by the police and Child Protective Services (CPS).


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