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CEOP, also known as Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre is a division of the British Goverment dedicated to making sure kids aren't exploited over the internet. What they do as an organization is great, but on their YouTube channel they upload child safety videos, some of which may be considered over the top.

History Edit

In Leafy's video HOW NOT TO GET CYBERBULLIED 101, Leafy watches their video Matt Thought He Knew. In the video, it shows a teenager walking along a beach remarking about how he thought a girl he spoke to online was real. He began to sext the "girl" before he took pictures of himself naked and sent them to the "girl". In the end, it turned out that the "girl" was a man. He proceeded to rape him before threatening him with releasing his nudes. Matt then went onto a website and reported abuse on the pedophile before the video shows him being arrested. Leafy ends the video with showing how report abuse does nothing when ColossalIsCrazy refused to give him drugs over Skype.

In Leafy's video THE STALKIEST MAN TO EVER EXIST STALKS GIRL, Leafy reacts to a video by the CEOP called Justin and Jade. In the video, it shows a man who moved out of his mothers place and now lives on his own. He talks about how great the internet is before revealing that he loves the "game" of researching kids and finding out all of their information. He reveals that he has pictures of her from her boyfriend's profile before he thanked the boyfriend for the pictures. He then stated that he knows her routine after school and where she will be at every second. He reveals that he blackmailed her so she would give him her nudes. He then shares the nudes with his friends online before the video cuts to the girl on her bed crying. He then decides to go to her house, but when he arrived he got arrested because the girl reported abuse on him. Leafy continues to say that reporting abuse would do nothing to the pedophile.

In Leafy's video GIRL ONLINE LITERALLY GETS STALKED, Leafy reacts to the video Jigsaw. In the video, a 10-year-old girl named Becky puts a picture of herself with all of her information outside of her house as a metaphor of posting a picture online. Two girls walk by and decide to show the picture to everyone at school. Eventually, a man looks over the picture before walking into her open door. The man walks into her room, taking pictures from her wall stating that she is beautiful. He then lies about his age and appearance. She then tells him information about herself saying that she is old enough to go out by herself. At the end, the girl says that she was just copying her older sister and that is why she posted images. She decides to report abuse causing the pedophile to get arrested. Leafy ends his video by saying that the video has a good message, but the way that they are presenting it is horrible.

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