Fucking Degenerate...
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Bleach is Leafy's drink of choice when he get frustrated. While it's not the same as alcohol, it has a similar taste, but unlike alcohol poisoning, the effects are more immediate. Leafy has claimed many times during his videos that he's "going to drink bleach". Unfortunately, he's drank Bleach so many times he's built up a resistance to it and is unable to die from it.

It is made from a mix of chlorine sodium hypochlorite, and calcium hypochlorite.


Bleach is used by people to end their life when they see something they cannot unsee, such as Sonic the Hedgehog Rule 34 or Jacob Sartorius's music videos. You can also use it to clean shit, I guess. Leafy, as we've already stated, uses it as a beverage to drink when he gets frustrated.

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