Where's Leafy? You chicken, Leafy? BOK, BOK, BOK!
~ Billy on the hunt for Leafy to shove a fish in his ass
I'ma smoke the two blunts coming out ya' nose!
~ Billy dropping some bars
Billy The Fridge or William Darnus is the realest hardcore rapper on YouTube. He's mainly known for his diss track roasting LeafyIsHere, Pyrocynical, RiceGum, and Keemstar.


LeafyIsHere reacted to his rap song roasting him, Pyrocynical, RiceGum and Keemstar, which featured snippets of Misha's "Cyberbully" song. Leafy was impressed by Billy's bars and actually found his rapping to be pretty good. He has recently discovered Leafy lives in Seattle and worked to assassinate him on Misha's orders.

Eventually, Billy and Leafy agreed to meet in Seattle. After pretending to be Leafy's friend, Billy kidnaps Leafy and takes over his YouTube channel. Seemingly after this, Billy has redeemed himself, thus freeing himself from Misha's evil influence, and has worked together with Leafy on several videos.