~ Big Red's response to any argument against her
Chanty Binx the Big Red coloured

Portrait of Big Red by FlowerOfTheWind

Big Red, real name Chanty Binx, is the mascot of Extremist Feminism, who rose to fame after an infamous interview at the University of Toronto. She is dedicated to dismantling the patriarchy, from which she believes everything bad in the world stems from.


Protesting "Equality"

Big Red led an army of radical feminist protester nazis against a Men's Rights seminar organized by CAFE (Canadian Association For Equality). The conference took place in Toronto and had to be cut short when one of the mindless protesters pulled the fire alarm. Big Red was later seen talking with some news reporters and reading a list of things the "Patriarchy" was responsible for and not providing a single citation for how the Patriarchy caused it. What is interesting about this is that, to this day, no one knows what the fuck the Patriachy even is.

Several videos her yelling at MRAs and telling them to "shut the fuck up" were soon uploaded to YouTube. This quickly caused her to become popular on the Internet, and she soon became the poster child for radical feminism.

This was all part of her plan, however, as the amount of popularity she gained allowed her to ascend to memehood on the Internet.

On Leafy

Big Red was later featured in one of Leafy's videos where he used her face as a placeholder for feminists who complain about video games.


In the 1st of July 2016, three years after the video of where she first appeared went viral, Big Red returned once again this time exposed on televison in a news report claiming that she has been harassed on the Internet and that the videos had breached her privacy, even though she was in public. They also blurred out her face, despite everyone knowing what she looks like.



  • She dyed her hair using her period blood.
  • She bears an extremely uncanny resemblance to Info-chan from the 2015 computer game (currently in progress), Yandere Simulator.
  • Her face is literally the second result when you search up "feminist" on Google Images.
    • It is also the first ten results for "angry feminist"
  • Big Red has a Tumblr account called "STFU Everything" (now "Social Justice ftw!").