Brandon Ashur, better known as Bashur, is the creator of his YouTube channel Bashurverse, where he has over 1.8 million subscribers. He originally uploaded Minecraft content though now he uploads consist of mostly of daily vlogs.

He, like many other YouTubers, got involved in a controversy with Keemstar when Keem accused him of being a rapist.


Bashur has had some drama with LeafyIsHere around June of 2016, when Leafy used a clip of Bashur breaking down over being called a rapist as an example of a crazy Minecraft YouTuber in "THE CRINGIEST MANCHILD ON THIS ENTIRE WEBSITE." Bashur took this as a personal insult and began calling LeafyIsHere out for it. The drama was eventually noticed by several YouTube news channels, including Scarce and DramaAlert. Eventually the two settled their beef in private.

Weeks later, LeafyIsHere announceded that he was assisting Bashur financially with his lawsuit against the host of DramaAlert, Keemstar. Bashur uploaded his last video on June 20, 2016, titled "WE NEED YOUR HELP | KEEMSTAR EXPOSED." In the video Bashur talks about how much has Keemstar affected him and his channel on a personal level and that he is going to take Keem to court. However, he states that he needs help with it.


  • His girlfriend is Clara Babylegs.
  • He has been divorced.
  • He talked to little girls