Introducing BarryBeeTV, possibly one of the most cancerous channels I have ever seen in my entire life.
~ Pyro introducing BarryBeeTV

BarryBeeTV is a YouTube prankster social experimenter and a Strip FIFA-er. He was one of the three main Strip FIFA YouTubers featured in Pyrocynical's video GETTING NAKED FOR VIEWS.

History Edit

Prior to making Strip FIFA videos, Barry made pranks and social experiments, most with clickbait-y titles and thumbnails, so it doesn't appear much has changed in regards to his content.

Seeing that Strip FIFA was becoming popular, Barry went to a brothel, kidnapped some hookers and forced them to be in his Strip FIFA videos.

On PyrocynicalEdit

Now I'm not saying this guy is a total psychopath, but he's not far off.
~ Pyro's thesis on Barry

Pyro criticized Barry the most in his video on Strip FIFA and pointed out how uncomfortable the girls in one of his videos were.


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