You're not going to talk for the rest of this podcast! Cuz I'm going to sing, I'm gonna hum, I'm gonna fucking say whatever, alright, I'll sing the fucking alphabet! You are not going to talk for the rest of this podcast! Every chance you try to talk, I'm just going to fucking sing, faggot!!
~ Keemstar after getting into an argument with Tommy, usually once per episode.
Baited! is a podcast hosted by Keemstar, ColossalIsCrazy and Tommy C. It features the three hosts talking about a variety of issues, though it usually just devolves into a shouting match between the three.

Hosts Edit

  • Killer Keemstar: By far the most irritating host to listen to, and unfortunately the one that speaks the most. He pretty much dominates every episode and prefers to hear his own voice rather than let someone else speak.
  • ColossalIsCrazy (formerly): A friend of LeafyIsHere, the looser with no chin, and by far the most rational person on the podcast. Gets into a dispute with Keemstar every five minutes.
  • Tommycsftp (formerly): A legend of the podcast, makes awesome videos on his channel "Shot From The Point".

Gallery Edit

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