ArbitraryVlog (real name Danny) is yet another shitty-ass YouTube vlogger. His first video was a cover of him singing Love Yourself by Justin Bieber, but his voice was so bad that it caused a second 9/11. The most infamous video was of him doing a "T-rex" pose and the face of a predator.

Recently, he got into an another unreported drama event whereas in the most newest video he uploaded that Leafy was roasting him, even though his videos are meant for satire and not to spread hate towards each other's channels. In the video, Arbit was seen (falsely) injured explaining what Leafy did with him, and that he was reacting to the video he uploaded a while ago.[1]

Or that's what the haters say. Danny not only does YouTube videos but also hilarious music.lys. He posts snapchat stories and loves all his fans and followers.

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