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Anime is genre of animation from Japan. 99% of Anime feature catgirls, skilled ninjas, geek girls,and others to come and includes fans of anime 

  • Naruto, A.K.A a  skilled ninja with a chainsaw or metal shovel
  • One Piece, a mysterious boy which the pirates in the ship lounge
  • Sword Art Online, A skilled swordsman going to SAO in 2022
  • Jewelpet Tinkle, Akari Sakura uses Jewelpets to defeat the Villains
  • Cowboy Bebop, something about cowboy from utah or salon and a horse in wild west town,
  • Dragon Ball Z, what was almost Leafy's Favourites
  • Sailor Moon, a lazy crybaby but nice and pretty girl fights a villain of the 4 months with several other girls using magical powers were explained
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica, girls gain magic powers by making a deal with an angel girl
  • Pokemon, Ash Ketchum use Pokemon Animals To Fend off team rocket
  • Chobits, Androids happen and they look hot for some reason why?!?

Weeaboos Edit

Weeaboos are the weird fanside far from otakus of Anime. They can rarely be seen in the YouTube comments section.

On Leafy's channel Edit

LeafyIsHere has mentioned several times on his channel that with Anime, he would have love her friends

Leafy later made a rant on Anime where he complains about the obsessive fandom of Anime and warns of a war between Anime fans and Anime haters.

Gallery Edit


  • Western Animation is not the only true animation.There's Other animations Around the world
  • One of Leafy's favorite TV shows back when he was younger was Beyblade.

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