All the worst of the human race

Anime is genre of cartoons from Japan. 99% of Anime feature schoolgirls with big-ass tits and eyes so big they look as if they're on crack. As many of the psychopathic fans will tell you, it's apparently an art form or something... but no one cares either way.

Some examples of Anime include the following.

  • Naruto, A.K.A the god of middle school cringe
  • One Piece, Basically Naruto with pirates
  • Sword Art Online, one of the worst pieces of fiction ever
  • RWBY, an American made anime about people fighting monsters with weapons that are also guns for some reason
  • Cowboy Bebop, something about space cowboys or something like that,
  • Dragon Ball Z, what was almost Leafy's shit
  • Sailor Moon, a dumb blonde fights a villain of the week with several other girls using magical powers that are never explained
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Little underage girls gain magic powers by making a deal with the devil
  • Pokemon, Underage boy enslaves animals to fight other animals.
  • Chobits, Androids happen and they look hot for some reason why?!?


Weeaboos are the retarded fanbase of Anime. They can typically be seen sporting Anime avatars in the YouTube comments section.

On Leafy's channel

LeafyIsHere has mentioned several times on his channel that without Anime, he would have committed suicide. Sad.

Leafy later made a rant on Anime where he complains about the obsessive fandom of Anime and warns of a war between Anime fans and Anime haters.



  • Western Animation is the only true animation.
  • This whole article was just an excuse for us to post pictures of anime girls so we'd have something to jack off to.
  • One of Leafy's favorite TV shows back when he was younger was Dragon Ball Z.
  • Do not argue with Weaboos about anime, they will always say that it is an "art form" despite very anime having some level of sex appeal to it.